Tuition Schedule

Programs Annual Ten Monthly
Twelve Monthly
Supply Fee
(Non- Refundable)
Wonder Garden Half Day (8:30-12:15)
3 Half Day (MTW) $5,800.00 $580.00 $483.33 $340.00
Wonder Garden/ Kindergarten Full Day (8:30-3:15) (2:10 release on Thurs.)
3 Day (MWF) $6,775.00 $677.50 $564.58 $340.00
5 Day (M-F) $9,000.00 $900.00 $750.00 $450.00
Grade School 1-8 (8:30-3:15) (2:10 release on Thurs.)
5 Day (M-F) $10,145.00 $1,014.50 $845.42 $450.00



Other Fees Include:

Application Fee (for any new students) $50
Graduation Fee for Grade 8 $50

Tuition and Fee Payments

Tuition may be paid annually, quarterly, or in equal 10 or 12 month payments starting in July. All monthly and quarterly payments are handled by FACTS Management Company through direct debit (savings or checking account).

A Tuition discount is available for families paying full annual tuition in advance (per the schedule listed on the Tuition Contract). A nonrefundable Registration/Supply fee* is due at registration with your signed Tuition Contract. Enrollment Commitments are for the entire school year. Early withdrawals are responsible for 25% of remaining tuition prorated from date of departure.

Sibling Discounts

In recognition of the commitment to send more than one child to Prairie Hill, we offer a 20% sibling discount for a second child and 30% for additional children. The sibling discount can be paid and the discount used as a tax-deductible donation to the school.

Additional Costs:

Parents are responsible for Learning Support that the school cannot support at any given time depending on the need of the children and the support offered by the Kettle Moraine school district.
Fees for the strings program (Grades 5-8) and the rental of the instrument.
Field trips not covered by the supply fees.
Extra-curricular sports programs.

Before and After School Care programs:

The Prairie Hill Care Programs are open to students enrolled in the school. They compliment the school day by using the same Waldorf principles as the classrooms. All Care Programs are billed monthly by the business office. Please contact the Program Manager –Sally Sommer at [email protected] or 262-646-7497 Ext. 10 for availability and fees.

Tuition Adjustment

For some, affording a Waldorf education may seem difficult at first glance. It doesn’t have to be. Prairie Hill Waldorf School practices tuition adjustment, a tuition process that provides support to those families who value and want a Waldorf education for their children. Visit the Tuition Adjustment page for more information.