A school board member takes a 10th grade standardized test and shares his surprising results:

When an Adult Took Standardized Tests Forced on Kids


A twenty-minute of what a Waldorf school is about and “some of the philosophies behind the educational approaches of Rudolf Steiner”:

What is a Steiner School?


Watch a short clip of Brian Wolfe draw a chalkboard picture:

Ship of Dreams Chalkboard Drawing Video from Brian Wolfe


Children of Apple, Google, Yahoo, eBay, and Hewlett-Packard employees attend a Waldorf school, where there are no computers:

A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute


Reinforcement that childhood is more than merely a springboard to adulthood:

Leave Those Kids Alone!


This article examines the relationship between screen time and ADHD in today’s youth:

Fixated by Screens, But Seemingly Nothing Else


The benefits of playing in the dirt:

Playing in the dirt may make you smarter


An article by Kim John Payne and the “Sensory Tsunami”, referring to the Holiday Season:

The Holiday Season: Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle