PHWS Alumni

Our graduates are glowing proof of the success of our unique Prairie Hill educational experience and the Waldorf teaching method. Our graduates’ high school teachers comment regularly about their outstanding and unusual level of academic and creative ability, their desire to learn and to be engaged, their ability to clearly communicate, and their personal integrity.

Prairie Hill graduates are prepared for accelerated academics, foreign language, and arts. They carry with them a highly developed capacity for meaningful social and educational relationships.

When our Grade 8 students graduate, they go on to be successful in private and public high schools. Many graduates attend Pius XI, a school known for its high academics, arts, and sports standards. Nearly every Prairie Hill alumnus that has attended Pius XI has achieved academic honors or high academic honors. Other highly regarded private schools chosen by Prairie Hill grads include Marquette High School and Catholic Memorial High School.

Alumni who have chosen to attend Wisconsin’s excellent public schools also often gain honor roll and high honor roll status. Many students hold honors in academics, letters in sports, and awards in the arts simultaneously.

Some examples of colleges our graduates attend include: University of Wisconsin, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Northern Michigan University, Mount Mary College, Lawrence University, Hampshire College, Cambridge University, George Washington University, Whitman College, Milwaukee Area Technical College and more.

A recent national survey of Waldorf graduates indicates that Waldorf education is achieving the following in its graduates:

  • Multiple Intelligences and Cross Disciplinary Learners
  • Global Consciousness and Sustainability
  • Basis for Moral Navigation
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • High Levels of Social Intelligence
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • High Levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Thinkers Who Think Outside the Box

To read more about the survey visit Waldorf Education online.