Julie Szyba Grades Teacher

Julie Szyba

Grades Teacher

Julie began her Waldorf Education journey as a parent 15 years ago. It was through seeing the immense benefits of this type of education and becoming deeply involved as a parent and board member that led her to Waldorf teaching.

Julie’s life is one of service. She brings reverence, beauty, grounded presence and attention to detail to everything she does. Her affinity for growth has helped her integrate seamlessly from parent to lead teacher, and allows the children of her class to feel seen, heard and cared for at a profound level. Julie’s goal is to lead by example and instill a love of learning in every student.

Comprehensive Curriculum

"A central objective of Waldorf teaching is to create a sense of wonder about each subject, even math."  -Todd Oppenheimer, The Atlantic

Prairie Hill Waldorf School is committed to excellence in academics. The Waldorf approach aligns with current educational theory that learning should be age appropriate and multi-sensory, acquired not only through sight and sound, but also through touch, movement, imagination, and feeling. Students receive a comprehensive education that not only engages the intellect, but the whole child through head, heart and hands – an education that integrates the artistic and creative with the scientific and intellectual study.

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