Health and Safety

Parents will be asked to monitor their students and all members of their immediate family for signs of illness at home. If there is a temperature of 100.4 or above and/or other signs of illness in any family member, students must stay home.

Families who have had a known exposure are asked to self-isolate. The school will work with the health department to create protocol and communication to determine when students may return to school.

Temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer before any student joins their class in the morning. Parents will remain on campus until their child has cleared the temperature check.

Children who have a temperature of 100.4 or above or show other signs of illness, such as cough or congestion, will be sent home.

If a student becomes ill at school, they will be asked to wait in the health room with health room personnel until a parent or designated pick-up person arrives to take them home.

Students who are sent home ill, will need to remain at home until they are symptom free.

Faculty and staff will have temperatures taken daily.

Students and all staff and faculty will be required to wear masks inside of the school building. 

Wonder Garden students will be encouraged but not required to wear masks, however, mask wearing is strongly encouraged by Waukesha County Public Health Department and the CDC.

Frequent hand washing will occur, especially before eating and after bathroom use. Hand sanitizer will be available and utilized at times when hand washing is not practical.


Learning Environment

Each class will have a designated space that serves as an outdoor classroom.

Classes will be held outside as much as possible.

Students will be brought into school by their teacher through a designated door.

Students will remain with their classmates and teacher throughout the school day. Different classes will not mix with one another.

Desks will be spaced as far apart as possible, depending on the available space in each classroom. The Grade 1 classroom will be held in a portion of the gym (this will be reevaluated in January).

Early Childhood Students will be spaced as far apart as space allows for snack, lunch and rest.

Map of our Outdoor Classrooms:



Waldorf education places a high value on building resilience in the children it serves, yet resiliency is only learned in challenging times. Detailed curriculum plans for Early Childhood and Grades will be shared soon.



Students will be assigned to either the front or back parking lot for drop off.

Parents will drop their child off (along with their things) at a designated check-in station, where a faculty member will be waiting to greet them and take temperature.

Only students, faculty and staff will be allowed in the school building.




School events: Assemblies, festivals, plays, etc. will be re-imagined.

Indoor sports will not occur in the fall. This will be revisited in the winter.


Distance Learning

There are certain circumstances that may require Prairie Hill to make the switch to all virtual learning. These circumstances include a state or health department mandate, as well as the school’s own determination that virtual learning is necessary. This determination could occur if the school determines the current risk of exposure precludes the school from being able to function. This may include high positive cases in the school, a classroom or the faculty, among others.

We learned many things from our experience with distance learning in the spring, and our new Grades and Early Childhood plan will reflect that knowledge.

We understand that distance learning is especially challenging for our youngest students whose curriculum is centered around social interaction and physical play.

Distance learning is not our first choice for students.



In the event of distance learning the finance committee will make the following changes to tuition contracts:

There will be no changes to tuition if distance learning lasts 30 days or less.

If distance learning continues beyond 30 days, Grades students will distance learn with their teachers and the school will continue to collect regular tuition.

If at any time the entire school moves to virtual learning, all on campus EC families will receive tuition compensation for each week of virtual school. Tuition will be prorated by the week, and you will receive 50% of each virtual week’s tuition back as a credit for the 2021-2022 school year. Students enrolled in the virtual Kindergarten from the start of the year will continue with that program (this is an increase credit form the previous plan). There is no tuition reduction for the grades in the event of virtual learning. Grades teacher will devote time and energy to support students in a rigorous Waldorf education from a distance.

We will be offering a discounted virtual learning program from the start of the 2020-2021 school year for Kindergarten students only. The program will be for 5 half days and will cost $5,522 for the year. It will consist of a dedicated teacher creating audio lessons and circles along with projects for your student. Once the student is enrolled in the on-line program, they may only make a change to on-campus at the end of the first semester in December. A minimum number of students is required in order to offer this program. The deadline to enroll is Monday, August 10, 2020. Due to budget and faculty time constraints, we are unable to offer a similar program for grades 1-6 at this time.

In the event of a closure, the school will actively seek emergency childcare licensing, offering seats to families that qualify. The same tuition amounts will apply.