Prairie Hill Waldorf School:
Preparing young people for a
world that needs them.

The 2019-2020 school year brings a significant milestone for Waldorf education and Prairie Hill.  This year, we celebrate 100 years of Waldorf education. What an exciting time to be a part of the fastest-growing independent educational movement in the world. What a time for children to be immersed in a curriculum that truly prepares them for an unknown future.

The world is changing faster than ever before. Traditional forms of education are no longer enough to prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges. Prairie Hill’s innovative and dynamic approach to learning has never been more necessary.

As we kick off this year’s Annual Appeal, we ask you to invest in our school’s long-term health, ensuring this amazing education and supportive community are available to families for the next 100 years! It all begins with your gift.

Can you imagine a world without Prairie Hill Waldorf School?

Would you miss a curriculum designed to meet students at each stage of development? Would this dynamic approach – which enlivens and deepens learning by integrating music, theater, cursive writing, knitting, foreign language, festivals, chicken chores and more – be missed?

Would you miss the outdoor forest kindergarten, where through imaginative, uninterrupted play in all seasons, children form connections with nature and with each other?

Can you picture not having the opportunity to give children the freedom to be children, while the teachers intentionally build on each student’s capacities for:

  • Creativity, communication and collaboration?
  • Interpersonal skills, social skills and moral purpose?
  • Curiosity, persistence and drive?

What if there was not a school that prepared young people for a world that needs them?

Tuition covers only 78 percent of operating expenses at our accredited, independent school. We rely on the Annual Appeal, the Yuletide Faire and Spring Auction to bridge that funding gap and to provide tuition assistance and professional development.

One hundred years of Waldorf education is just the beginning.    

Please join us and invest in ONE HUNDRED more.