Project Description

Liz Torinus – Admissions Coordinator

“I came to Prairie Hill because I wanted my children to know wisdom. Wisdom, for me, is more than the accumulation of knowledge or facts. It isn’t just what’s in your head. It’s what is in your heart as well. Wisdom is the ability to draw on both of these sources, using what you know and what you feel to make sense of the world around you. Prairie Hill has developed my children’s heads and hearts and has given them the self-confidence they need to share their original thoughts and ideas with the larger world. The Waldorf Curriculum and the Prairie Hill Community have changed our lives. My children are well rounded and whole individuals because of the education they have received here. They do not define themselves solely on the basis of what they know. They define themselves by what they know they are capable of becoming. They are children with academic intelligence, but with emotional and social intelligence as well. They are children who are prepared, not just with the knowledge needed to meet the demands of a particular occupation, but with the wisdom needed to meet the joys and challenges of life.”

Liz has been a member of the Prairie Hill community for the more than 13 years. She is the parent of two children; Her son, Will,graduated Prairie Hill in 2016 and Scarlett, is in Grade 7. Both of Liz’s children started their journey at Prairie Hill in Morning Glory Playgroup as toddlers. Liz is now using her knowledge and experience of Prairie Hill in the role of Admissions Coordinator.

Liz has a B.A. in English from Carroll University. She also studied Education at Carroll University, earning a teaching certification for the elementary and middle school grades. Liz is a graduate of Thrive Life Coaching Program and is a certified life coach.