Project Description

Kaitlin Hahn – Violin, Viola and Cello

“All children can learn music and have fun in the process. This is accomplished by giving them a variety of ways to learn, with a variety of styles of music. I believe in having fun as a teacher. When my students see that I’m having fun, they are more likely to enjoy the music and want to learn it, themselves. Waldorf education creates well-rounded, creative, open-minded students who can think for themselves and make sense of the world around them, because of the many ways they get to learn – through writing, reading, art, music, role-playing, and hands-on experiences.”

Kaitlin has taught for many years at Peter Elementary School in Slinger and the Irish Fest School of Music. She teaches violin, viola, piano, and Celtic Fiddle. Kaitlin gives private lessons and workshops throughout the Midwest. Kaitlin is an accomplished member of the band Atlantic Wave.

Kaitlin has a B.A. in Instrumental Music Education and Certification in Celtic Studies from UW Milwaukee. She has also completed workshops with a variety of Celtic fiddle players at the Irish Fest Summer School and at the Gaelic College of Arts and Crafts in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.