Amy Schroeder

Amy Schroeder – Learning Support

“Every child has a different learning style and every child can be successful when they are taught in a way that addresses their learning style. […]

Hilarie Morrow Kane

Hilarie Morrow Kane – Librarian

“Since my student days, my career goal has been to ‘get good books to kids’. It is a joy to work with students at Prairie […]

Rebecca Strzelecki

Rebecca Strzelecki – Juniper Tree Kindergarten Assistant

Rebecca moved from being a stylist and home organizer to assisting in the Juniper Tree Kindergarten where she has helped to care for […]

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker – Playgroup Assistant
Sarah assists in the parent-child playgroup where she focuses on engaging the children in meaningful work and creative play and helping to provide a calm […]

Lynne Kehoe

Lynne Kehoe – Wonder Garden Assistant

Danika Talbot

Danika Talbot – Grades Assistant/Food Preparer

“This is a place where childhood is truly cherished and held sacred. Children are free to openly explore their natural world, experiment, create, imagine, and […]

Matt Cook

Matt Cook – Before Care/After Care Coordinator

“Waldorf schools provide a unique perspective in that they look at the whole child and how to help shape that child into an […]