Emily Witkowski

Emily Witkowski – Playgroup Lead Teacher

“It is a gift given to your child and entire family that will revolutionize your lives for the better. It invigorates your soul!”

Emily has […]

Vicki Kingsbury

Vicki Kingsbury – Wonder Garden

“Every aspect of the Waldorf curriculum contains the gift of being powerfully transformative. It begins with the way we respect, love, nurture and treasure your […]

Erin Houlihan

Erin Houlihan – Juniper Tree Kindergarten

“If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, […]

Stanlee Maliszewski

Stanlee Maliszewski – Linden Tree Kindergarten 

“Once upon a time I worked with adults with developmental and mental disabilities and then moved in to the corporate world. Upon entering motherhood, which […]

Corinne Lorian

Corinne Lorian – Grade 1

“I strive to recognize the children before me, and to empower them to joyfully embrace both their gifts and challenges with strength and confidence. Waldorf […]

Lisa Mullaney

Lisa Mullaney – Grade 2/3

“I don’t personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed.” -Maya Angelou

Lisa brings her lifelong love of learning into the classroom in a way that […]

Chris Kilmer

Chris Kilmer – Grade 4

“To unlock the potential of each student and help guide them to becoming creative, free-thinking individuals is one of the greatest gifts the teaching provides. […]

Megan Link

Megan Link – Grade 5/6

“I believe our role is to show the children the goodness and beauty in themselves and the world, which will spark their imagination and their […]

Maggie Herbst

Maggie Herbst – Grade 7
Maggie has over 20 years of educating experience at 5 schools, including the Tamarack Waldorf School.   In addition to being a class teacher, she has […]

Sandy Loucks

Sandy Loucks – Grade 8

“I love to teach. I love to watch as children take hold of themselves and develop into unique individuals, who stand for something; who are […]