Faculty, Staff & Board

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.” – R. Steiner



Jeanne Ring

Jeanne Ring – Business Administrator

“I love that the children are taught to their developmental age. Everything is taught at the right time for what a child at that age […]

Liz Torinus

Liz Torinus – Admissions Coordinator

“I came to Prairie Hill because I wanted my children to know wisdom. Wisdom, for me, is more than the accumulation of knowledge or facts. It isn’t […]

Sally Sommer

Sally Sommer – Program Services Manager/Health Room Coordinator

“I was lucky to find Waldorf education soon after graduating college. Working with so many families through the years has enriched my life […]

Susan Koppa McClurg

Susan Koppa McClurg – Fund Development Director

“My 3 year old daughter, Kelsey, sensed – from the moment she set foot in Mrs. Aldinger’s Kindergarten – that she would thrive […]

Vicki Hoppe

Vicki Hoppe – Financial Services Manager

“Waldorf education is about the children. Coming to work and seeing the magic that happens within them makes the work I do more rewarding.”

Vicki […]

Michelle Lawrence

Michelle Lawrence – Marketing & Communications

“The Waldorf Philosophy of teaching embraces the biological, psychological and emotional stages of each child’s development. This type of education addresses the whole child and allows him/her to […]

Don Kamine

Don Kamine – Buildings and Grounds Manager

”The one thing I love about Prairie Hill is the chickens and the gardens that the children and the teachers plant and how […]

Emily Witkowski

Emily Witkowski – Playgroup Lead Teacher

“It is a gift given to your child and entire family that will revolutionize your lives for the better. It invigorates your soul!”

Emily has […]

Vicki Kingsbury

Vicki Kingsbury – Wonder Garden

“Every aspect of the Waldorf curriculum contains the gift of being powerfully transformative. It begins with the way we respect, love, nurture and treasure your […]

Erin Houlihan

Erin Houlihan – Juniper Tree Kindergarten

“If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, […]

Stanlee Maliszewski

Stanlee Maliszewski – Linden Tree Kindergarten 

“Once upon a time I worked with adults with developmental and mental disabilities and then moved in to the corporate world. Upon entering motherhood, which […]

Nancy Husanu

Nancy Husanu – Grade 1

Nancy is mom to two graduates of Prairie Hill and one child currently attending the school. She has worked as a social worker and an early […]

Corinne Lorian

Corinne Lorian – Grade 2

“I strive to recognize the children before me, and to empower them to joyfully embrace both their gifts and challenges with strength and confidence. Waldorf […]

Lisa Mullaney

Lisa Mullaney – Grade 3-4

“I don’t personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed.” -Maya Angelou

Lisa brings her lifelong love of learning into the classroom in a way that […]

Chris Kilmer

Chris Kilmer – Grade 5

“To unlock the potential of each student and help guide them to becoming creative, free-thinking individuals is one of the greatest gifts the teaching provides. […]

Megan Link

Megan Link – Grade 6-7

“I believe our role is to show the children the goodness and beauty in themselves and the world, which will spark their imagination and their […]

Maggie Herbst

Maggie Herbst – Grade 8
Maggie has over 20 years of educating experience at 5 schools, including the Tamarack Waldorf School.  In addition to being a class teacher, she has […]

Amy Schroeder

Amy Schroeder – Learning Support

“Every child has a different learning style and every child can be successful when they are taught in a way that addresses their learning style. […]

Carmen Fernandez

Carmen Fernandez – Spanish & Middle School Math

“Give every child a small peek of the world, so they want to explore the rest on their own. Waldorf education introduces […]

Dawn Imes

Dawn Imes – Handwork and Woodwork

Dawn has been our practical arts teacher at Prairie Hill for more than 16 years. She is mom to three Prairie Hill Graduates. Before […]

Kaitlin Hahn

Kaitlin Hahn – Violin, Viola and Cello

“All children can learn music and have fun in the process. This is accomplished by giving them a variety of ways to learn, […]

Kaitlin Ketcham

Kaitlin Ketcham – Recorder & Chorus

Kaitlin has a B.S. in music from Long Island University and is currently studying Music History and Literature as well as working toward her Masters […]

Mike Buchta

Mike Buchta – Physical Education, Movement and Games Grades 1-8 and Sports Coordinator

“Waldorf Education is the best education we can give our kids.”

Mike has a son who graduated from Prairie […]

Hilarie Morrow Kane

Hilarie Morrow Kane – Librarian

“Since my student days, my career goal has been to ‘get good books to kids’. It is a joy to work with students at Prairie […]

Rebecca Strzelecki

Rebecca Strzelecki – Juniper Tree Kindergarten Assistant

Rebecca moved from being a stylist and home organizer to assisting in the Juniper Tree Kindergarten where she has helped to care for […]

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker – Playgroup Assistant
Sarah assists in the parent-child playgroup where she focuses on engaging the children in meaningful work and creative play and helping to provide a calm […]

Lynne Kehoe

Lynne Kehoe – Wonder Garden Assistant

Danika Talbot

Danika Talbot – Grades Assistant/Food Preparer

“This is a place where childhood is truly cherished and held sacred. Children are free to openly explore their natural world, experiment, create, imagine, and […]

Matt Cook

Matt Cook – Before Care/After Care Coordinator

“Waldorf schools provide a unique perspective in that they look at the whole child and how to help shape that child into an […]

DJ Gallaher

Dj Gallaher – President

Ariel Schoeninger

Ariel Schoeninger – Secretary

Ariel Schoeninger is a Prairie Hill Alumni from the class of 1996. (class teacher Bente Goldstien, Prairie Hill co-founder).  Ariel lives with her husband Harry and […]

Steve Brown

Steve Brown – Board Member

“One of the things that drew our family to Prairie Hill was its unique approach to teaching to the child, and not to just rigid standards […]

Diane Marchik

Diane Marchik – Board Member