Goodbye Summer – Hello Spanish!

Ready or not school has started for the 2014-15 year. While, on one hand, I’m happy that school has started,  I would like summer to last just a little bit longer. This past summer was very busy at the school with 9 weeks of Summer Camp and Summer Garden. The school was alive and active with […]

Monday, September, 8, 2014|

Engaging Minds. Opening Hearts. Inspiring Confidence.

Waldorf Education has helped to create successful students for over 90 years worldwide.
Prairie Hill Waldorf School has been laying a strong foundation for academic success since 1987.
Peter Nitze, a Waldorf and Harvard graduate asks so simply, “If you’ve had the experience of binding a book, knitting a sock, playing a recorder, then you feel […]

Saturday, May, 3, 2014|