Maddie Brown shares a Piece of Her Prairie Hill Journey

“Before I came to Prairie Hill, I was taught that fitting in was the
right way to go – that being different or doing things my own way
was just not acceptable.
It seemed to me there was something wrong with my SELF, not my

Through the years, Prairie Hill helped me strengthen and grow
physically and mentally. After I realized that I could JUST BE
MYSELF, I was able to control myself and my actions. I even began
to excel in my studies. It turns out, I’m a pretty smart cookie!

Sometimes I wonder – would I have realized how smart I was if
I had stayed in the Public Schools? The truth of the matter is, I probably would not have found my best self if I had stayed in that situation.

I’m very grateful to Prairie Hill because, without them believing in me, I never would have believed in myself and my potential.

“I went in to Prairie Hill believing I was a problem and by the time I graduated, I believed whole-heartedly I could be and do anything. Instead of treating me like a problem that needed to be fixed, Prairie Hill treated me like a beautiful flower waiting to be born.

Now this is just me, but I think that’s pretty special. :)”

~ Madalyne Brown, PHWS Class of 2017

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