Subjects that require regular repetition in shorter lessons (foreign languages and music, for example) occupy the later part of the morning. Afternoons are generally devoted to activities that are more social in nature: games and sports, painting, handwork, and gardening. Boys and girls learn knitting, sewing, and woodwork. There is a wonderful coordination and harmony of subject material throughout the curriculum. What is being taken up in each Main Lesson block appears in subtle ways in the activities of the afternoon. The challenges of handwork and the fine arts are treated not as separate, unimportant “options” but as vital parts of the complete education.

Special subjects include:

  • Handwork: knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch, basic weaving, toy making
  • Article: Spinning Straw Into Gold: The Healing Potential of Handwork
  • Woodworking: with use of hand tools
  • Music: singing, pentatonic flute, recorder, string instruments, and percussion instruments
  • Foreign language: Spanish
  • Art: watercolor painting, form drawing, beeswax and clay modeling, perspective drawing
  • Movement: gymnastics, group games
Programs complement the school day and apply the same guiding Waldorf principles used in the classrooms. The children come to feel secure in a caring environment providing a regular rhythm to the day, periods of free play, structured activities, exercise, nourishment, and rest.

Before and After Care are provided for an additional fee.

Before School Care, 7:30 – 8:15 am
Available to all school children, with a limited number of spaces available for children under age 4 Children are supervised in quiet free play and enjoy a warm snack

Tender Loving Care (TLC), 12:15 – 3:15 pm
Available for children in Kindergarten and includes lunch time (provided by parent), rest time, story, quiet activities, free play and clean up

After-School Care, 3:15 – 4:30 or 5:30 pm
Available for children in Kindergarten and Grades who need care until 4:30 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. After-School Care provides a family atmosphere, allowing relationships to grow among the ages. The program complements school-day activities with a snack, outdoor activities, homework time, games, crafts and cleanup

Drop-In Care
Drop-in care is available for all programs only when space permits.

Please click here for more information, applicable fees, and a registration form.

Extracurricular activates are coordinated and delivered through volunteer and parent support and typically involve an extra fee.

These include:

An after school sports program open to students enrolled in grades 5-8. Additional criteria for participation include meeting scholastic and personal conduct standards. The offerings each year may vary depending on the interest of students and availability of volunteer coaches. The basketball and track programs have been Prairie Hill’s most active sports programs in recent years, with record-breaking track scores.

  • Basketball – Boys and girls teams
  • Volleyball – Girls team
  • Track and field – Co-ed
  • Ski club Co-ed for grades 4-8 with parent provided transportation to the ski hill
  • Violin, viola and piano individual lessons
  • Ballet – for girls in grades 1-4
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for all ages

Bulldog Dash 2013

Of all the medals and accolades earned by the PHWS Track team, the greatest were not ones accompanied by ribbons, medals or trohies! The team earned the respect of me (their coach), the assistant caches, our school and school community, and all their competitors. By choosing to come to practice, they became official members of the 2013 PHWS Track Team. By working hard and trying their best, they earned my respect. And by showing up at the Bulldog Dash Invitational to compete (some for the first time), with 15 other schools, they earned the respect of all the athletes and coaches there. The medals, ribbons, and trophies were just the cherry on the top! I’m very proud of these students and feel honored to be their coach. They learned many of the truer aspects of formal competition and the more beautiful an revered aspects of sports for their age.

Thank you,
Coach Chet Celenza

View the results from the 2013 Buldog Dash Invitational