Project Description

Steve Brown – Board Member

“One of the things that drew our family to Prairie Hill was its unique approach to teaching to the child, and not to just rigid standards and academic performance. We’ve experienced first-hand that this approach makes for a happier, more grounded child, and the academic performance surfaced in an authentic and balanced way.”


Steve Brown is father to a Prairie Hill student and a software developer and consultant through his company, Thetasphere, LLC. Founded in 1999. Thetasphere serves its clients through the development, training, and support of custom software geared to address both general business needs, as well as unique requirements specific to each client.

It is through an effective balance between technical skills & business knowledge, and personal communication skills that helps Steve maintain long-standing, solid, and trusted relationships with his clients. Communication and coordination between Steve and his clients is typically at the owner/executive level, as well as employees throughout the organization. The communication at the executive level is to both understand current expectations and long-term goals; but to also consult and advise on strategies that may enhance overall objectives. Communication at subordinate levels is to understand the perspective(s) from within the process/operation — basically being able to see both the “forest”, and “the trees”.

From 1989 thru 1999, Steve served in various capacities within the (broad) industries of Visual Communications and Marketing.

Steve lives in Delafield, and has been a life-long resident of the Lake Country area.