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“I strive to recognize the children before me, and to empower them to joyfully embrace both their gifts and challenges with strength and confidence. Waldorf is so much more than another form of education. It is a path of learning that supports the children in developing their human capacity for authentic creative individuality hand in hand with a deep and caring interconnection with the world.” – Corinne Lorian

Corinne’s relationship to Waldorf began more than 38 years ago when her daughter joined the Washington Waldorf School as a 3 year old. Corinne has an extensive teaching background that spans over 30 years of teaching both early childhood and grades at seven Waldorf Schools in four states, including Washington Waldorf School, Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor and Tamarack Community School in Milwaukee. She graduated the Prairie Hill Classes of 2006 and 2015. Corinne provides mentoring, accreditation, and evaluation services for other Waldorf schools.

Corinne has attended the University of Maryland and has completed the AWSNA Mentoring Training as well as several other Waldorf trainings, most recently the Teaching Sensible Science Course.

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